Rhapsody Song Writing Project

Are You Looking for Something Creative to do During Lockdown? Why not Sign Up for Cambridgeshire Music’s Rhapsody Song Writing Project!

Have you ever wanted to create your own song? Maybe you have written lots of songs and are looking for a new challenge. Maybe you are a beginner song writer who has always wanted to learn how to create your own material. If you are aged 7-21, then please sign up for the Rhapsody Song Writing Project, which has been reopened to offer a creative outlet during the current lockdown.  

The aim of the project is to support participants in the creation, rehearsal and performance of their own songs. For this year’s project, Cambridgeshire Music are asking participants to use their pandemic experiences during 2020/21 as the starting point for their creation.

The impact of the coronavirus across the country and the world has had unprecedented ramifications for everything, from our ability to attend school, to meeting with family and friends outside our own immediate ‘bubble’. The prospect of being ‘locked down’ may have challenged and tested our wellbeing, mental health and resilience. And we may have felt our freedoms limited in order to help combat the virus. Song writing, and writing in general, can be a therapeutic tool and outlet. And it’s a useful and creative way of expressing and processing things which have affected us both positively and negatively.

If you have never written a song before, please don’t worry. The Rhapsody team have created lots of different resources, including video tutorials and step-by-step guides, to help support you through the process of creating your song.

Cambridgeshire Music originally launched The Rhapsody Song Writing Project back in 2016, as Sing for Your School. Now in its third phase, and with a brand-new title, the project to date has helped participants create over 70 songs. 

Choose a Pathway

The project offers participants the choice of three different Pathways to follow.

  • Pathway 1: Write lyrics / a poem based on your experiences of 2020/21
  • Pathway 2: Write lyrics and a melody line to one of our backing tracks, based on your experiences of 2020/21
  • Pathway 3: Create an original song linked to the theme
Rhapsody Song Writing Project

How to Enter

Send your completed lyrics and songs to Cambridgeshire Music (via mymusic@cambridgeshire.gov.uk) by the deadline of Friday 19th March 2021 They will then be uploaded onto the Rhapsody Project Chart. All uploaded songs will be offered feedback from the project’s panel of reviewers and the judging panel (whose identities will be revealed in the spring). They will pick their favourites to go through to the final virtual concert which will take place in June 2021. 

Family members, friends, and anyone else who fancies a listen will be able to play back all of the entries. They can then cast votes in the search for the people’s choice. This additional song will also be showcased in the final virtual June concert.

Alex Bowen, Head of Singing and Curriculum for Cambridgeshire Music, said, ‘We are so excited to be launching the Rhapsody Song Writing Project and really looking forward to hearing the songs which participants create in response to what has been a difficult year for everybody.’

Rhapsody Song Writing Project

Learn More about Cambridgeshire Music

Are you interested in learning more about song writing, playing an instrument, singing, or any aspect of making music? Cambridgeshire Music runs a wide range of bands, clubs, orchestras, and other projects at all levels, covering most musical styles. Further information about the organisation’s work and the Rhapsody Song Writing Project itself can be found on their website: https://www.cambridgeshiremusic.org.uk/

Rhapsody Song Writing Project

If you’re looking for some inspiration click here


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