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5 Ways to Welcome a New Business Year in 2022


The new year brings about many new opportunities for businesses. Several business owners feel a sense of ‘new beginning’ at the start of a new business year, but for some the feeling soon turns to dread as January comes and goes and their business objectives remain unchanged, their sales leads plateau and their competitors march ahead. But it’s time to capture that newfound enthusiasm and turn it into workable business objectives for the new business year of 2022. 

We have put together FIVE ways to welcome a new business year in 2022.

1. Reflect on 2021

In order to welcome a new business year, you must first reflect on the year just past. So, ask yourself: What went well? What could you do better? Were there things you didn’t do enough of? It would help if you captured everything on paper or on the computer – a black and white visual – so you can know what will work for you in the new business year of 2022.

2. Create a business matrix

In order to manage your business more successfully, you should know your clients and products inside out. Creating a matrix of products and clients helps you to remember which products may need discontinuing, which of your clients are star clients, and what you can do to enhance certain aspects of your business. This kind of analysis means you can maximise your business productivity and account for every penny spent in 2022.

new business year

3. USP: Why do you stand out?

To help your business in 2022, home in on what makes you unique. Try and narrow it down to one simple sentence. This will really help at networking events and new client meetings, and even in your social media posts. Knowing what makes you different and why people buy from you is crucial in business.

4. Write down three things you want to achieve 

Write down three things you want your business to achieve for the new business year of 2022. For example, this could be to start doing new things, like going to networking events or writing a blog. But it could also be to stop doing something, like getting distracted on social media. Or to commit to getting those things done that are on your to-do list. The key to achieving your to-do list is commitment. For instance, you could set reminders on your phone, write post-its, or even schedule time in your diary to complete tasks.

5. Celebrate your successes

Lastly, it’s time to celebrate your achievements! Business owners are far too critical of themselves and need to spend more time celebrating their successes. Instead of thinking ‘I should have done that better’, ‘I could have secured more clients’, or ‘I should have said no to that project’, you should adopt a positive mindset. Studies have shown that a positive mindset is the key to success. In other words, celebrating both individual and staff achievements, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, will encourage and empower you, your staff and your business.

new business year

So how will you be welcoming a new business year for 2022? Did you make any business resolutions? Perhaps you plan on using some of the top tips in the article above, or maybe you have some ideas that you would like to share. We would love to know what you think about welcoming a new business year.

Words by The Little Marketing Company

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