Energy Price Cap

How to Delay the Effects of the Energy Price Cap and Save Money

Here’s how to delay the effects of the Energy Price Cap increase that’s set to see home energy bills rise between £87 and £1,156 a year from April 2021. Energy regulator Ofgem has predicted the increased costs that’ll affect every household, unless you act now.

Are you on a:

  • Variable Tariff? Find a fixed tariff to March 2022. It could save you hundreds of pounds.
  • Pre-payment Meter? Have you considered changing to a standard meter? It will be cheaper in the long run. Rates are usually cheaper.
  • Already on a Fixed Tariff? Feel stuck in a fixed rate contract due to exit fees? Fixed rate contracts are the best way to prevent price rises affecting you, so they’re a good choice. But your contract renewal will come up in less than 12 months. The worst prediction by Ofgem is an increase of over £90 a month when you renew. So, by starting a new fixed rate, it will delay that further.  There are options available to get up to £200 of your exit fees refunded.
Energy Price Cap

To reduce energy loss, look back at my February tips.

Contact: Felicity Leicester – and quote TLVFL on 07900 312634  felicity.leicester@gmail.com

Energy Price Cap

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