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What Are You Wasting? Go Greener Now

Are You Damaging the Environment and Sending Your Hard-Earned Money Up In Flames? We all need to go greener now to reduce pollution not only for our sakes, but for our children, grandchildren, wildlife and the planet. It isn’t too late, but it will be soon. So these useful energy saving tips may be the most beneficial thing you read this week.

Take action now:

  • The majority of UK residents and businesses are unknowingly polluting the world
  • You can reduce your energy consumption with easy tweaks to your home
  • 60% of the British population are not on the most economical tariffs for their energy. If you’ve not reviewed yours in the last six months, do so now
  • Did you know that green energy is available more cheaply than brown?
  • 15.32 million households have never switched supplier, therefore they are likely to be paying over the odds and likely to be on dirty, brown, polluting energy!

Free Energy Saving Tips for You

What uses the most energy in an average home?

Water heater: 14%

  • Turn your thermostat down 1 degree. As a result, you could benefit from a reduction of approx. 320 kg of CO2 (4.5 sheep) and a saving of £80 per year
  • Take a shower instead of a bath or spend one minute less in the shower
  • Turn off the hot tap when not needed
  • Only fill the kettle with what you need
Go Greener Now

Washer and dryer: 13% 

  • Washing at 30 degrees more often can result in 57% less energy use compared to washing at 40 degrees
  • Hang washing on a clothes horse or line rather than using a tumble drier

Lighting: 12% 

  • LED lightbulbs reduce consumption by 15% 
  • Turn off lights when not in use 

Kitchen Appliances: 

  • Freezer: cool items before putting them in
  • Dishwasher: 2%
    Handwashing instead of using the dishwasher can save £25 per year
Go Greener Now

TV, DVD, cable box, Wi-Fi: 3%

  • Turning them off rather than leaving them on standby at night or when not in use can save up to 60% of the energy used, or £30 per year  


  • Switch off at the plug when not charging and don’t overcharge
  • Computer/laptops: 1%
    Turn them off at night or when not in use.

Other Ideas

  • Maintain your boiler and appliances to keep them working efficiently  
  • Affix tin foil behind your radiators to reflect heat inwards. For solid walls this can save £10 per year
  • Only turn on hairdryers or straighteners when using
  • Keep fridges and freezers full; space uses more electricity
  • Multi-plugs with switches make it easier to reach them to switch off
  • Draughts result in heat loss. If you have an under stairs cupboard, for example, put carpet underlay offcuts on the floor. Draughty skirting boards? Fit underlay, draught excluders & wooden beading
  • Install a smart meter to help you find high consumption and faulty appliances 

It pays to go green!

WORDS Felicity Leicester

For more free advice & free quotes for green energy email – felicity.leicester@gmail.com – 

Please help yourself, our environment and the future for our children and grandchildren by going greener now and reducing waste and pollution.

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