divorce coach

Do I Need a Divorce Coach?

Do you believe in the sanctity of marriage, the beginning of family, a lifelong commitment and living harmoniously? If both partners are committed to making the relationship a success, because it’s not only one person’s responsibility, then divorce won’t be a topic of conversation. Not even with all the added pressures of life. But, as we all know, marriages don’t always succeed, and that’s where a divorce coach can help.

Divorce is tough

Getting unmarried is emotionally and financially harder than getting married. Coming to terms and accepting divorce is the first major step in moving on. Splitting up from someone you once loved, or still do love, is a real tragedy. In most cases it is incredibly traumatic.

Finding yourself in such an undesirable position is daunting, especially if you are the wounded party. Making decisions that will map out your future is unthinkable when your emotional stability is impaired.

Accepting what was, and what is now, will set your energies free for managing the psychological and physical demands of divorce. You can, and will, get through this devastating period in your life, just as many thousands of people have done before you.

divorce coach
divorce coach
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A divorce coach can help

A divorce coach can hold your hand through the storm. They are insightful, objective and firm, and can help you make informed decisions about your future welfare. Whether the fault was with your partner or you, or your marriage hasn’t worked out because it missed elements to make it a happy one, the eventual conclusion is that the relationship has come to an end. In that case, it’s time to let go and begin to visualise your future. You can do this by setting goals, concentrating on you and your personal development, and starting to fulfil your dreams.

Firstly, it’s important to take care of yourself. Learn how to manage your stress levels. If your energy is depleted then you won’t be able to cope efficiently. Eat and sleep well. Avoid negative influences. Managing your expectations is essential. It is better to be head savvy as opposed to headstrong.

Divorce coaching helps to manage your flexibility. Overwhelming situations can cause panic and leave you feeling helpless and powerless. Decisions which have to be made with some urgency and under pressure can adversely affect your future. They are reversible, but at an extremely high cost. There is always an acceptable solution to a problem, and a divorce coach can talk you through them.

divorce coach

Words by Paula Crowhurst

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