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It’s great to finally be performing live music

It’s been a strange month, but the enjoyment of performing live music again has been a welcome shot in the arm. We’re still missing the hard core of regular musicians at open mic and acoustic sessions, but at least they’ve resumed. There have been reduced numbers, but the quality has remained high. We’ve tried to maintain a level of spatial awareness at events. Additionally, where these have been amplified, sanitizing microphones has now become the norm.

After the trial acoustic session at The Boat Inn, Whittlesey, and then the first powered and open acoustic nights, the genuine feeling of Oh it’s great to be out playing! was obvious. 

This was followed by the first acoustic session at the Ale House Kitchen Ramsey, which was well attended. It was pleasing to see Trevor and the ‘Trevetts’ performing. 

From an event perspective, it may take a while for numbers to return to pre-lockdown levels, but we remain hopeful.  

live music

Grateful thanks to all involved

It wouldn’t be fair to harp on about the impact on performers without mentioning the venue owners. Most of them had geared up for social distancing with the added financial burden that entailed. Then they faced lockdown closure and loss of income. We are grateful to those who have re-opened under the various restrictions in order to provide services and social meeting points, both during and post restrictions.

Thankfully the music plays on. For some it has been the glue to hold things together, with that promise of getting back and interacting with other musicians. 

Special thanks are also due to the live and Zoom event co-ordinators who put together and hosted the streamed acts on Facebook and uploaded them to YouTube and other media platforms. 

live music

September music events

With events, fetes and festivals starting to resume, it’s time to get back out on the deckchair and enjoy some free entertainment, with a suitable beverage (while the weather is still warm). 

At time of writing, the September programme of events is looking good.

Music on the Square Whittlesey takes place on 5 September, featuring Scooted and Booted with support act Dale Diamond.

live music

The following weekend sees the inaugural Coates Fete on 11 September, with various performances and stalls planned on the green.

Then there is the Big Bash on 12 September at the Manor in Whittlesey, which will appeal to all ages and abilities. 

With the scheduled open mic and acoustic sessions returning en bloc, it’s a great time to be plucking and blowing.

Find local event listings at www.outa-stock.co.uk/OM.htm

Words by Dave Bailey

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