Caz Pamby Slimming World Consultant

Join Caz at Slimming World Bar Hill, Hauxton, and Royston

Hi, my name is Caz Pamby.

I’m proud to say that I have four grown-up children leading decent lives with jobs and six wonderful grandchildren.

I’m proud to say that I’ve overcome three bouts of cancer in my life and lots of personal calamities.

I’m proud to say that I’ve lost nearly five stone in the past three years since re-joining Slimming World.

And I’m proud to say that I’m a Slimming World consultant.

Caz Pamby Slimming World Consultant
Caz Pamby Slimming World Consultant

Support makes all the difference

Like a lot of you reading this, I have tried lots of different ‘diets’ over the years: WW, cabbage, shakes, to name a few. I’ve also done Slimming World a couple of times before quite successfully. But I got blasé and thought I knew it all and could do it on my own.

Well, you can’t. You need your group. The friendship and the support is where the magic really happens.

So, after driving around the car park at my local Slimming World group two weeks running, I finally went in. Yes, there was a smiley welcome, and I began this journey.

Two and half years later and after I’d lost four stone, our consultant left. As a result, I was pushed forward to an opportunities day, and that was it.

Caz Pamby Slimming World Consultant

The challenges of lockdown

That was in November 2019. I’d just got into the flow of this new business of mine when Covid happened. I embraced it, and so did a lot of my members, but it was hard. I even had a mild form of Covid myself.

I was asked to be a relief at the Bar Hill Group, and then my Comberton group was merged with the Thursday Royston Group.

After living in my fridge for a good part of the lockdown, I was determined to dig deep and achieve my goal, which was Target at 60. And two weeks before my birthday I reached my target. Since then I’ve started a new journey. I’m on my way to a new Target and my 5-stone award from my own member group’s consultant.

Back to group sessions

We are now back in our groups, and because I really love this job I’ve taken a third franchise. I am relaunching a morning group in Hauxton near Cambridge.

My groups are:

  • Tuesday pm at The Octagon, Bar Hill Church, Hanover Close, Bar Hill CB23 8EH
  • Thursday morning at Hauxton Centre, Church Road, Hauxton, Cambridge CB22 5HS
  • Thursday pm at The Old Bull Inn Hotel, 56 High Street, Royston SG8 9AW

Please give me a call if you interested in my groups. There are always special offers to have, a guaranteed smile and a warm welcome.

Caz x

Click here to get in touch with Caz


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