Business Loan Protection

Safeguard Your Coronavirus Debt With Business Loan Protection

Measures brought in to combat Covid-19 have seen companies fall into £58bn of Coronavirus debt, so business loan protection has never been more important. With lockdown forcing businesses up and down the country to close their doors for months, the government’s various Coronavirus loans have proved a lifeline.

However, with more than half of UK businesses already indebted before lockdown even began, and a further £58bn borrowed since March, according to the UK Treasury, business protection insurance is something to seriously consider.

Business Loan Protection

Security in Uncertain Times

If you have taken on more debt to keep your business afloat during the pandemic, you’re certainly not alone. If, however, you didn’t have an insurance policy in place as security prior to lockdown, it’s all the more important you take one out now.

How Does Business Loan Protection Work?

Business loan protection provides funds to repay debt such as commercial mortgages, business loans or director’s loans should the company find itself unable to. This could happen if, for example, one of the company’s directors were to die or develop a serious illness.

A business loan protection policy usually takes the form of a life insurance or critical illness policy (or sometimes both), which will provide funds to repay the business’s debts if the worst were to happen. If you’re a business owner, you may have used your own personal assets, such as property, as security for a business loan. If so, not only you, but your loved ones, could face financial hardship if you are not insured.

Don’t Take The Risk

Many businesses have unfortunately lost their battle for survival this year – but don’t let yours be one of them. Nobody likes to imagine they will die or become ill during their career, but unfortunately it does happen, as recent events have shown us only too well. So, please get in touch – we can help you find a suitable policy to protect your business against the unexpected.

WORDS Mark Birch

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