Are You Struggling with Juggling? Running a Business Alongside a Busy Life

I posted on social media about my personal journey with burnout and the negative impact it had on my life, and I showed these two pictures taken three years apart. The point is that, looking at them both, you wouldn’t see any difference. I managed to hide my burnout well, but it was still affecting me. So how can we juggle it all and manage everything in our day without compromising our health?

Health is holistic

The first thing to acknowledge is that it is your health. It’s not either mental or physical, it’s both. Your overall health is impacted by everything you do.

One of the main things I do when planning my week is to ensure I get some quiet time. Silence has become my best friend most days. It gives me the time on my own that I need to reflect and connect back to myself.

Exercise is crucial

Exercise is a no-brainer (see what I did there?). The physical impact it has on our body is amazing, but the mental impact is that it induces chemicals. We create an abundance of serotonin and endorphins which light our brain up like a Christmas tree (so last season!).

The biggest hit, though, is when we finish and we receive the internal reward mechanism of dopamine. Like the sigh you expel when getting into bed after a long day. All of these chemicals help with stress levels, brain fog, mental clarity and endurance.

Thinking about food

Food, glorious food. The joy at the moment that is a walk to the kitchen. But be mindful what you’re getting there. A good diet high in fruits and veg, plenty of water, good carbs and proteins will always support your brain and your body.

Staying hydrated is a must. I used to rely heavily on caffeine-laden drinks to keep me going, but that just played havoc with my adrenals and my sleep pattern. So, just be mindful where you get your quick fix from and what’s in it.

Reward yourself!

The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that I have to reward myself for a job well done. I am really dismissive of my achievements. Once I’ve completed done a job, I move quickly on to the next without even acknowledging it. But I can share a great tip for enabling you to look at what you’ve achieved, and that is to celebrate your successes every week.

On a Friday I look over the week, at both business and home activities, and I write a list of what I’ve accomplished. It’s a visual representation of a job well done. Your brain can’t argue with that. Then choose a reward – you deserve it. A bath, a takeout, a walk, a favourite coffee, a snack – anything to mark the occasion. It’s an opportunity to thank yourself for all your hard work.

If you’re struggling with juggling, then book a free initial consultation and together we can get you back on track.



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