Make a New Normal

What is a Normal Day and What Should You Wear?

There is no normal at the moment. So all of us, including the Mayor, now have to find different ways of trying to make a new normal.

Gone are the times (for now) when we would wonder what the day had in store, such as what engagements have come in for us today, and ask the important question – what to wear!

Will there be an invitation from one of the colleges? Or maybe the privilege of attending one of our official civic duties? Or perhaps someone who is trying to raise money for a worthy cause needs help. Well, perhaps not so much this year, but supporting the city as best we can is still in our hearts.

And of course the dilemma of oh, what to wear!

To have the honour of being able to represent this beautiful city once in a lifetime is more than anyone could dream. To get a second chance was something very special. However, we had no idea what was to come.

Make a New Normal
The Mayoress with two of her cadets in the Mayors Parlour

Positive Thinking

But we’re concentrating not on what we can’t do, but on what we can. We are constantly thinking up new ways of trying to achieve something that resembles the old ways. Trying to think of ways of reaching out to everyone. Times are certainly difficult for many people in very different ways.

Standing in the pouring rain trying to offer some support to people queueing at the food hub to get whatever they could for their families. Deciding what to wear on those days didn’t seem to matter, as we stood soaking in our glistening chains. It just mattered that we were there.

We spent time wondering if we were able to go into our wonderful city to browse the unique variety of shops or visit one of the wonderful restaurants. To sit a while with a cup of coffee just watching whilst the bells of Great St Mary’s mark time, to go punting, or to simply enjoy a stroll and an ice cream along the world-famous backs. I’m confident that in time these things will return.

Make a New Normal

People come from far and wide around the world to visit our city, and we have all this on our doorstep. Sometimes, maybe, we take it all for granted. Because it will always be there, won’t it?

Until the day we can enjoy all this in our wonderful and vibrant city once more, hold this thought. When you’re sitting behind your computer screen – does it really matter what you wear?

For me I think it does!

WORDS Mayoress of Cambridge, Carole McPherson

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