Introducing Enchanted Aesthetics

Hello, my name is Sapphire. I am an advanced aesthetics nurse.  

Having previously worked in nurseries caring for children with additional needs and in care homes, I knew that I wanted to develop my career further. I found it incredibly rewarding to be able to support individuals and families through times of need. Having been through my own personal traumas, I really understood the importance of care and compassion. So it felt natural for me to choose to complete my degree in paediatric nursing.  


Through my life, I have developed a passion for raising mental health awareness. From a young age, I noticed a lack of mental health support within our society, and I wanted to be part of changing this. So I decided to apply for a job in children’s mental health, where I currently work alongside my aesthetics business. 

I decided to set up my aesthetics clinic as I was missing the clinical side of nursing. As a teen I suffered from severe cystic acne and bullying which had destroyed my confidence. Receiving emotional and physical treatment made a huge difference to my mental health, which led me to want to support others to develop their own confidence and feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

My ethos 

I don’t believe in making people look totally different. But I do wish to help others enhance their own natural beauty or reduce any areas of concern so they can feel more confident. 

Self-esteem begins from the inside. Whilst aesthetic treatments can certainly give a confidence boost, they are not the answer to more deep-rooted insecurities. This is where my mental health and nursing background adds huge value to my service. It’s important to me that my service is never just about the treatment itself. It’s about providing expert, safe and compassionate care for the entire patient journey and experience. And, most importantly, helping my clients feel good about themselves from the inside as well as from the out. 


If you are considering aesthetics treatments 

Aesthetics treatments are increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, there are a lot of practitioners who are not providing a safe service, mainly as a result of poor training. 

My aim in these monthly articles is to help educate you so you feel more knowledgeable and confident about aesthetic treatments, should you wish to book in for one. 


The questions to ask

Alongside doing your own research, the first step is knowing what questions to ask your practitioner.

Next month I will include a guide to some of the questions I feel you should be considering, and expand on the aesthetics ‘need to knows’ so that you can feel confident you are choosing a reputable, safe and competent practitioner.

Words by Sapphire Barron

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