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Wiltshire Farm Foods goes Above and Beyond for its Customers

The UK’s leading frozen food delivery service, Wiltshire Farm Foods, has always sought to make a real difference to its customers by providing delicious and nutritious meals directly to their doors.    

With many of its customers over seventy and vulnerable, the company is in a unique position to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic and is determined to maintain its renowned reputation for excellent customer service and delivering ready-made meals to those who need it most.    

All the staff at Wiltshire Farm Foods Peterborough have risen to the various challenges presented by the pandemic.  Experiencing unprecedented levels of demand, the whole team has rallied round to ensure its customers continue to receive their meals.  

Geoff Plummer, director at the branch, says, ‘This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone, and Wiltshire Farm Foods’ mission, ”making a real difference”, has never been more important, as many of our customers rely solely on us for their daily meals. 

‘We’ve adopted new social distancing measures, with all drivers equipped with hand sanitisers and gloves and performing default non-contact deliveries. They have been touched by the public’s response to them when out and about, often receiving praise and being told what fantastic work they are doing.’  

The team has also started including puzzle books in its deliveries, which has been hugely appreciated by its customers, demonstrated by the many handwritten thank you letters the company receives on a daily basis.   

At a time when supermarket delivery slots are booked up for weeks, an order placed with Wiltshire Farm Foods often guarantees you a delivery in the next few days – at no additional cost, and with no contract.  

The company has also installed a priority line for those contacted by the NHS and confirmed as being ‘extremely vulnerable’, to prioritise those that really need their service.   

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