Turtle Dove Social Enterprise

Turtle Dove Need and Value your Support!

Turtle Dove is a social enterprise in need of your vital support to help young women back on their feet after the pandemic.

Why us? Why young women?

We want to break the cycle for young women.

Our aim is to support local women to rebuild their lives.

‘The economic fallout from the global pandemic will leave many struggling financially, with young women among the worst affected’ (Georgina Laming, Young Women’s Trust, 2020).

Turtle Dove Social Enterprise

Women are a third more likely to be working in sectors shut down by Covid-19, such as hospitality and retail (Resolution Foundation, April 2020). Nearly 80% of those who have lost their jobs since the crisis began are women, and two-thirds of these are aged 18-34 (PWC, 2020). Moreover, 57% of women aged 18-30 were unable to take up employment because of a lack of suitable childcare options (Young Women’s Trust, 2020).

This has had serious consequences for young women’s mental health, which was already at crisis point before the pandemic. In 2019, 51% of young women said they were worried about their mental health. The figure was highest among those on the lowest or no pay, at 60% (Young Women’s Trust Survey, 2019).

As many as 2.6 million female key workers earn less than £10 an hour (HMRC, 2020). Many find themselves taking care of young children and are also solo caregivers to chronically ill parents. Some women do not have access to sufficient income to eat more than one meal a day. In addition, incidents of domestic abuse have also markedly increased as a result of the pandemic.

This is all happening behind closed doors.

Turtle Dove Social Enterprise

Turtle Dove’s work

Turtle Dove was founded on the need to focus on the support for young women, enabling more effective prevention and intervention work. We help local young women gain confidence by providing them with a combination of youth work, emotional support and work experience opportunities in hospitality and events. Working as part of our team, they gain invaluable life experience and move towards building successful futures.

We want to break the cycle for young women.

Turtle Dove Social Enterprise

Become a Turtle Dove friend

How can you support the work we are planning?

We have introduced Turtle Dove Friends, because friendship and support run through everything we do. With your generous support as an individual from £10 per month, or as a corporate partner, you can help us continue our work at this vital time. To say a massive thank you for your goodwill and compassion you will receive a gift and be kept up to date with our latest news. You will also receive invitations to our AGP (Annual General Party!)

We would love to have you on board with our mission!

See our website for more details:


Or to become a friend today get in touch with claire@turtledovecambridge.com   

WORDS Kate Nation, Managing Director and Co-founder, Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove Cambridge

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If you are a young woman who would like to become a part of our team, or you work with one, please fill out this form: https://app.upshot.org.uk/signup/1eed0810/

We look forward to meeting you!

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