Sustainable tourism

What is Sustainable Tourism ?

As travel counsellors, we care about our clients and their experiences. It doesn’t just stop there though. We also care about the places we send them to and the communities they encounter on their travels. This is why we are now partnering with the Travel Foundation to help put sustainable tourism at the forefront of what we do.

What is sustainable tourism?

Firstly, when we talk of greener holidays we mean those holidays that benefit growth in the local economies we visit, providing jobs and funds for conservation.

We are aiming to help our clients get the most from their travels by encouraging them to try the local restaurants and buy from the local shops. This ensures their tourism benefits the local people and not just the larger hoteliers.

We are working directly with some of our contracted hotels to help them with sustainable tourism certifications. This, in turn, will allow us to promote them for these benefits. There are brands that are already working in this way, and that understand the importance of the local people to their business.

Sustainable tourism

The Travel Foundation & sustainable tourism

When living our day to day life we are more aware than ever of how we can help the local environment and be more sustainable, unfortunately for most this isn’t the same when travelling, however there are many ways we can change this So, the next time you are travelling, think about what you can do. Visit a local restaurant. Book an excursion such as a local craft or cookery class. Buy your gifts from a small independent stall rather than the airport. Look into offsetting your travel miles.

Together we can make our holidays greener.

Visit http://www.travelcounsellors.com/jade.hawkins to find out more.

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