solution-focused hypnotherapy

The journey of solution-focused hypnotherapy

It can be so easy to explain exactly how the process of solution-focused hypnotherapy works. But why not take the opportunity to read a client’s perspective? 

When I first met my client, her anxiety and symptomology was through the roof. She was struggling to manage driving to work, socialising and even going to the shop. Here is a true take, kindly written from her perspective. 

What felt like stepping into the lion’s den turned out to be the most effective and long-lasting form of therapy I have received to combat my anxiety.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy has been a journey focusing on acknowledging my mental health, setting goals, and adapting my lifestyle to live a more fulfilled and non-restrictive life.

solution-focused hypnotherapy

Acknowledging my mental health

When going into my first hypnotherapy session I was possibly the most vulnerable but in-control I have ever felt. Now, I know what you may be thinking – how does that work? To put it simply, I wanted to change. 

By this point, I could acknowledge that I was in an unhealthy cycle of worry and restriction. I no longer wanted to feel this way. That was when Nicole at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy stepped in to guide me into creating a better future for myself, by teaching my brain to look for positive actions, interactions and thoughts to support its production of serotonin and create better resilience to stress and anxiety.

My anxiety no longer defines me, and I feel I have taken ownership of my mind again. 

Setting achievable goals

From my very first session, it was made known to me that together we would focus on building a future that wasn’t consumed by anxious thoughts and those ‘what if’ worries. 

During my sessions, my hypnotherapist and I focused on future events and how we could refocus my mind to positively predict an event or a moment in time.

By working with both the science and the knowledge of my hypnotherapist, I was able to no longer relive negative events in my life. Instead I approached my life with an optimistic and confident outlook. This left me feeling in control and no longer apprehensive about future events.

Adapting my lifestyle

The most crucial part of my hypnotherapy journey has been adapting my lifestyle to complement my new way of thinking. 

We are all human. I myself can sometimes get caught up in the whirlwind of life and make caring for my mental health no longer a priority. However, I have found certain methods, including yoga, journaling, breathing exercises and healthy eating, allow me to adjust my daily life slightly. This results in me feeling more calm and central within my life.

Continuing occasional hypnotherapy sessions drives me to refresh and realign myself when life gets busy. 

My anxiety no longer defines me, and I feel I have taken ownership of my mind again. However, from time to time, we do have the occasional stumble. For example, if I have a big event coming up it can really push me out of my comfort zone. By revisiting my hypnotherapist I can minimise the anxiety of such an event and create a reframe, resulting in a clearer mindset.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy hasn’t only been a method of tackling my anxiety; it has been a way of producing a healthier lifestyle for myself.

Words by Nicole Woodcock, Clinical Hypnotherapist at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

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