New Season Positive Change

All Change for a New Season

The change of the season is upon us – those beautiful, bright, blue-sky mornings, with a dose of a crisp chill in the air and a quiet note to self to put the flip-flops away and dust off our favourite boots.

Within our current economic situation, we can forget that there are positive changes still happening around us. It just depends where we choose to look. It can be easy to find all the bad things in life, especially when we are continually bombarded with negative news, new rules and regulations, not knowing where we stand from one day to the next.

See the positives

It is important to remember what is in your control. What positive things can you continue to focus on and relate to every day? What we focus on is what we see, so make a choice to adjust and focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

When we begin to see the positives in life, no matter how small, the brain creates a burst of serotonin, the happy hormone. This allows us to access the part of the brain that not only makes us happy but also helps us find solutions to problems.

A really accessible way of achieving this is by writing down three good things every day. I call them the Three Ps:

  • Positive Action: Something you have done.
  • Positive Interaction: Someone you have spoken to.
  • Positive Thought: Remembering an enjoyable moment or looking forward to something.

Having a constant flow of serotonin enables our brains to relax and find more good things in life. Start by noticing your surroundings, looking at all the things you can do rather than those you can’t.

At the moment, and even more so going into the winter months, it is important to find daily positives to support our own mental health and to encourage better mental health for others.

If you are struggling with our current situation or are just finding things difficult, please get in touch.


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