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School returns …

Unbelievably, we’re heading back into the classroom. After six months of life at home, the day is near for many parents to resume a bit of normality as school returns.

This time has given me an opportunity to enjoy time with my children, albeit with many ‘Kevin’ moments from my 8-year-old son protesting about his schoolwork. Juggling business online and teaching did make me realise that I am more resilient and adaptable than I had previously thought, but I needed more rest too. The stress levels at times were too high.

With the new rules and regulations in place, we need to be mindful that the school return for some will be a difficult time. There will be a few weeks of settling in required, different behaviours resurfacing, and for some like my youngest, being away from mummy will have an impact, resulting in extra cuddles usually and being very clingy. The thing is, all of this is normal. We do respond differently under change, and especially if were already feeling anxious about things, then our brain’s way of dealing with it can be to throw in some negative behaviour too.

"Back to School" written in chalk on a blackboard.

So what can we do about it?

  • Greet your children with a smile and a hug at the end of that first day. Reconnect with them.
  • Congratulate them on achieving their first day back.
  • Ask them ‘What’s been good?’
  • Give them time – they may need an hour to adjust after school. A moment of quiet time just to reflect and process the day.
  • Be available. They may not want to communicate or even be around anyone, so just have a conversation and tell them, ‘I am here when you are ready.’

All of this change will take some time to adjust to, so as school returns be patient with yourself and the children.

If you or your child are struggling with transitioning to going back to school or work, get in touch.


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