Mayor’s Cadet

The Role of the Mayor’s Cadets

My name is Georgia Pescod and I am a sergeant in Air Training Corps No.104 (City of Cambridge) Squadron. I decided to join the Air Cadets towards the end of 2017. Throughout my time so far I have had many exciting experiences, such as attending annual camps and even flying. But one of my biggest highlights and achievements so far was being selected as one of the Mayor of Cambridge’s Cadets. 

I was selected to be the Mayor’s Cadet in the summer of 2020 during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, along with two other cadets, Matt, a St John Ambulance Cadet, and Max, a Sea Cadet.  Although everything we could do was very limited to begin with, I still made the most of the opportunity given to me. 

Mayor’s Cadet

My first official event was a small presentation for a WWII veteran who had recently celebrated his 100th birthday. He had lost the medals he had earnt throughout the war, but the mayor had managed to find some new medals to be presented that day. Overall, the day was very heart-warming, and I had the opportunity to meet people with some amazing stories. 

As the Mayor’s Cadet I have also attended numerous services, such as Remembrance Sunday, the installation of a new vicar, and a service for HRH Prince Phillip, to name a few. To sum up my time so far as one of the Mayor’s Cadets, it has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have had the chance to meet people I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet, and I look forward to any future opportunities presented to me. 

Words by Sergeant Georgia Pescod

The role of the Mayor’s Cadet


To support the Mayor of Cambridge at full civic ceremonial functions

To uphold the dignity of the mayoralty in Cambridge

To encourage youth involvement in civic affairs 

To raise the profile of local democracy within youth organisations


To attend upon the Mayor of Cambridge at full civic ceremonial events, such as:

Civic Church Services:
            Mayoral Sunday Service – in May
            Harvest Festival Service –  in October
            Remembrance Sunday Service – in November
            Candlemas Sunday Service – in January

The Proclamation of Reach Fair – in May

The Proclamation of Midsummer Fair – in June

The Mayor’s Reception – in November

Any Freedom of the City parades, etc., that may be arranged from time to time

To maintain contact with the mayoral office throughout the year and to suggest ways of raising the profile of the Mayor’s Cadet


To attend upon the mayor to give practical support to him/her when undertaking ceremonial duties

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