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Covid travel explained: what the latest travel changes means for you

Right now in the world of holidays the Covid travel guidelines are continuously changing. So, what does this latest update on the 26th of August mean for you?

Covid travel: the green list

The Azores, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Lithuania have all been moved to the Government’s ‘green list’.  Travellers from ‘green list’ countries must take a Covid test before their return to the UK. They must also book a test for day two after they’ve arrived home. 

Covid travel: the red list

Thailand and Montenegro have been moved to the ‘red list’. This means if you were in either of these countries, you would now have to quarantine in a government-approved hotel on your return home. 

covid travel

Covid travel rules explained

If only it were as simple as watching the UK travel list! Just because a country has made it on to the ‘green list’, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to pack your bags. For example, Canada have not opened their borders just yet. While there has been speculation within the industry that this may happen within the next six weeks, it just highlights the layers of challenge and uncertainty that face us in travelling.

It is also worth considering the timing of your trip. There’s no guarantee that a country currently sitting in the ‘green’ category will stay there in the next travel review. You should be giving ample consideration to what would happen should your destination turn to ‘amber’ or ‘red’ while you are there.

Get expert help

Now, more than ever, it is so important to have a quality agent working on your behalf to help you keep on top of the Covid travel rules. As a Travel Counsellor I carefully monitor the FCDO updates. These vary from one destination to another, and are an ever-changing picture. I can help you to understand the testing requirements and avoid any expensive mistakes in the process. I continue to provide a bespoke, personal service under the security of quality financial protection.

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