Local Short Walks in Peterborough

Local Short Walks In Peterborough

Here at The Local View, we are lucky enough to have some really lovely local short walks in Peterborough. No matter the weather, your fitness or length of walk you want – the local walks are out there. During the lockdown, lots of people found these new walks for their allocated hour of exercise a day. Now we have lighter evenings, these lovely walks in Peterborough can still be enjoyed after work or in the mornings.

These are some of our favourite local short walks in Peterborough, we would love to hear about yours too!

The Rowing Lake and Sculpture Park
Not far from the city you will find the rowing lake and sculpture park. Free parking is available for up to 1hr, and the walk will take between 40 and 50 minutes at a leisurely pace. This walk takes you up one side of the river and back down the other. There are swans, geese and ducks to admire in the like. Around you, there are stunning sculptures made of various materials including iron, steel, wood and stone. On wetter days we would recommend you walk up and down one side of the lake as the top end can be very muddy after rain.

Ferry Meadows Lakeside Café
Another water-based walk to enjoy is around the lake at Ferry Meadows. This is what locals’ class as the ‘new café’ because the older one at the other side of Ferry Meadows has been there for years. The walk around the lake can take you in either direction. It will take around an hour if you follow the route around the lake. However, during the walk, you will see signposts for other walks in different directions. These are all excellent walks through the woods. Just remember to look out for the lakeside café to find your way back again. Plenty of parking is available but make sure you check the closing time of the car park as you drive in.

Star Pits
Star Pits at Dogsthorpe is an old brick pit and due to the brick paths is an excellent all-weather walk. That said, it is better for the fitter walker due to uneven ground and hills. There is plenty to see as you walk around the pit and look over the marshes. For example, an old train cart and a giant cartwheel in the ground. While it is an effort to get to the top of the hill, the journey is well worth it, and there is a bench where you can relax and catch your breath. Parking can be tricky at Star Pits as there is limited off-road parking at the entrance.

Eye Green Nature Reserve
This is an excellent nature walk around a small lake in Eye Green. The walk will take you less than 45 minutes. Most of the walk is all-weather, but due to being very close to the river lake, although some areas can be hard to cross after rainfall. You can get close to the swans and moorhens that live in this nature reserve. You will also find routes off the main cycle that offer mini explorations. There is even a rope swing if you delve off the tracks enough. 

These are just four of our favourite local short walks in Peterborough. We know there are many, many more. Which are your favourites?


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