Local Animal Attractions in Cambridgeshire

Local Animal Attractions in Cambridgeshire

If you and your family love all things furry, feathery and scaly, then you’ll love this blog post. We share the top four local animal attractions in Cambridgeshire. From an owl sanctuary and wildlife park, right through to the best local zoos.

These are just four of our favourite local animal attractions in Cambridgeshire, of course, there are many more. We would like to hear stories of your visits here or your favourite local animal attraction.

Linton Zoo
Linton Zoo was opened in 1972 when the family moved from their pet shop and zoo supplier to Linton. This move enabled them to establish a centre for breeding wildlife. Linton Zoo offers a wide selection of exotic species including lions, tigers, leopards, wallabies and other exotic animals. They also have an impressive collection of birds, parrots and owls. You can also check out their wide selection of tortoises, spiders, snakes and beetles. Younger children will enjoy their dinosaur display too. Linton Zoo is £12 for adults and children between 2 and 13 are £9.50. Visitors over the age of 65 are £11, and children under 2 years old are given free entry.

Shepreth Wildlife Park
Shepreth Wildlife Park offers the perfect layout to enjoy their wide selection of animals and experiences. They have the African Sands area, a Tropical House, Nocturnal House and red pandas. They also have regular Birds of Display shows for visitors. You can see Sumatran tigers, black and white ruffed lemurs and Asian small-clawed otters at Shepreth Wildlife Park, as well as cheeky meerkats too. Younger visitors can enjoy the outdoor play areas, Rong’s play barn and the safari train. The cost of Shepreth Wildlife Park is currently £10 per person, with children under 2 offered free entry to the wildlife park.

Hamerton Zoo Park
Hamerton Zoo Park can be found near Sawtry, Huntingdon. This zoo park is based on over twenty acres of rolling parkland. Hamerton Zoo Park is home to hundreds of incredible animals including many species of monkeys, lions, cheetahs, binturongs, wallabies, meerkats, sloths, an anteater, wombats, parrots, camels and more. You can stroke the donkeys as well as feed the goats and sheep in the petting area. There is a train that takes you around the park for a low cost. Hamerton Zoo Park is £16.99 for adults, £9.99 for children aged 3 to 13 years old, £14.99 for seniors for children under the age of 3.

The Raptor Foundation
The aim of The Raptor Foundation is to rescue, rehabilitate and return injured birds of prey back to the world. Their second aim is to protect and preserve these animals through education and conservation. They offer two interactive flying displays during the day where you can see the birds in action. There is a reptile house with land snails, beetles, snakes and more. They have a wide selection of birds of prey, owls, parrots and more. Entrance for Adults between 16 and 60 years old is £7.70. Those over 60 years old pay £6.-5 for entry, children under 3 years old are free, and children between 3 and 15 years old are £4.70.

If you visit one of these local animal attractions in Cambridgeshire, please let them know you saw this blog post. We would love to see your photos of your fantastic days out too. Please tag us in your pictures on social media.


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