TMacLife is a health & fitness company that specialises in Sports Injury Therapy & Personal Training offering a range of products and services.

We are extremely passionate about positively pushing you beyond your physical boundaries.

We look at health from a holistic viewpoint, which is why we believe WINNING IS A LIFESTYLE!

Sports Therapy & Personal Training

Our Sports Therapy sessions begin with a thorough consultation. Your treatment can include anything from Sports Massage, Dry Needling, K-Taping and more, not to mention your ongoing personalised rehab exercise plan.

Every treatment plan is tailor-made towards your specific issue.

With this, in-clinic we use our own line of organic massage oils, named ‘EarthKandi’. Which is available for individual purchase, so you can stay injury-free long term.

Our Personal Training services include functional exercise programs that we gear towards your specific sport or daily needs.

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Fitness Brunch

In addition to all of this, we host a monthly Female Fitness Brunch. We showcase a fun, exciting topic in the form of a workshop, designed to encourage and empower women no matter where they are on their fitness journey. This is a safe space for ladies to connect with one another. The brunch is inclusive of a nutritionally balanced menu and a goody bag full of healthy treats. Now available as a monthly LIVE online session, so can be done from the comfort of your own home.

You do not have to be an athlete to come and see us; you just have to have the desire to want to do better! Whether that’s running your first marathon, picking up your kids or simply just putting your shoes on without pain - Let us help you get back on Track!

 Reviews for TMacLife 

‘Highly recommend Tola at TMacLife. I had a great full body sports massage from her, great pressure, just why I needed! She also introduced to me to Dry needling, I was hesitant at first but, I didn’t feel a thing!’ LMB

‘I had an amazing sports massage with Tola. She is very strong and firm in her technique which I liked. She uses her forearms as well as her hands to ease out the knots and her own blend aromatherapy oil smelt lovely. I was left feeling less knotty and relaxed yet revived! I’d highly recommend Tola’ CGB

TMacLife write regular articles for The Local View - find them in the Wellbeing Section

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