The Local View Cambridgeshire is so much more than a business listing.

Advertise your business in Cambridgeshire with The Local View Business Directories.  We support local businesses with proactive, affordable monthly proactive directory listing, banner, sliders, on-page adverts and advertorials.

Improve your Google Ranking:

  • Your Business Directory page is listed and ranked individually on Google increasing your web presence.
  • The links between our site and your webpage and social media pages help to increase your Google ranking.
  • Your promotional video also appears on Google and improves your Google ranking.

A Better Alternative to Printed Magazines:

  • We are a Online Directory, so we know how many people have seen your business listing or advert, a printed magazine can only tell you how many magazines were printed.
  • If you write articles for The Local View and pay for an advert, they stay on the webzine and don’t get thrown away. So months later they are still producing enquiries for you.
  • The webzine introduces your business to a different audience. We post new articles daily to keep the content fresh and attract potential new clients to you.
  • You can advertise a new product or service straight away, no need to wait for the next publication date of a printed magazine, which could be weeks away.
  • We target our webzine at the whole of Cambridgeshire, not just a specific town. So there is no need to pay for adverts in multiple publications.

Ongoing Support for Your Business:

  • Our regular social media posts about your business drive enquiries to your business listing.
  • If you are looking for ideas about promoting your business, we are happy to have a chat with you.
  • You decide when and where on our website you want to advertise. We are always available to offer you advice.

To speak to a team member about the packages, or other advertising opportunities, including sliders, headers and advertorials, click here to book an appointment by phone or zoom or call us on 01733 974220.



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