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We are your local pro-active personalised Lettings Agent, looking after Landlords and Tenants in Peterborough, Sawtry and Huntingdon.

We do all the administration work for your house, so you don't have to. If you choose us to manage your house, you can set and forget.

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Reviews for Opal Lettings Ltd:

'I have been in contact with Carole during this exceptional year and I am very pleased with all the service she provided. She always responded quickly and provide professional advice as well as valuable support. I was amazed for the speed of my property rented out during this difficult time. I have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone.' - Ying M

'From the word go, Carole had EVERYTHING under control. Her attention to detail was incredible, her knowledge and experience obvious from the outset. My place took a few weeks to fill, with a couple of false starts, with one tenant moving in and out in the same weekend, but Carole was unperturbed. She documents EVERYTHING, so what could have been difficult and rough ride, was smoothed out, seemingly with very little effort on her part.

My dread, the sea of paperwork, rules and regulations, she made mincemeat of. She has been confident, assertive, but also very comforting to lean heavily on through the whole process, acting as a catalyst to facilitate 'completion'. It was an almost effortless, completely stress free time for me. Carole was a shot in the dark, recommended by a friend, but I really do believe I couldn't have done any better. This woman is a truly comprehensive mix of determination, efficiency, courtesy and tact. Well done Carole!' - Garry H

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