Keep Fit this Winter

How to Keep Fit this Winter Without Leaving Your House

It can be difficult to stay motivated when the weather’s cold and wet – we all experience that. The fantastic news is that you can keep fit this winter even when it’s rotten outside. You can find little things to do in the comfort of your own home to assist in keeping your fitness and energy levels up, and the best part is that you don’t even have to get changed out of your pyjamas! HOORAY!

Staying active

If you have stairs in your home, then this is a no brainer – go and stretch your legs every hour or so. Give yourself a target of how many times you will climb the stairs today. Make it higher than you think it needs to be. If, after a week or so, you find that you’ve already hit your target by midday, increase the target further. Review and repeat. If you’re fortunate enough to have both an upstairs and a downstairs toilet, use the upstairs one during ‘working hours’.

Strengthen your legs

Without holding anything, sit down on and stand up from a dining chair – ‘chair squats’. Hold your arms out straight in front of you, keep your back straight, and stand up without pushing off from anything. Use your core to hold you up and to balance. Push your feet into the floor and keep your legs strong. Once up straight, keep your arms out and your back straight, and return to sitting. Repeat until you feel you’d need to change your technique to complete the movement. Try to do this 3 times a day.

Keep Fit this Winter

Keep your arms strong

Pop a few tins in a couple of carrier bags (equal amounts in both bags). Hold one bag in each hand. Hold your arms flat by your sides. Now bend at your elbows and bring your hands up towards your shoulders. Slowly relax your hands back to the start position. Repeat for 1 minute. If it feels easy, put more tins in the bag next time. Try to do this two times a day.

Get outside when you can

Obviously, fresh air is very important, so when the weather is on our side, get your coat and gloves on and enjoy taking a break from the four walls. Listen to the wildlife, take in the views, and get some fresh air in your lungs.

Enjoy getting out, stay healthy and keep fit this winter.

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