Health and Safety Course

IOSH Managing Safely 4 Day Course

Course Dates: 10th,11th, 17th, 18th September 2020
held in Peterborough. 

Who should take IOSH Managing Safely? 

The course is aimed at managers, supervisors, leaders, small business owners or anyone who is in the business who is directly responsible for managing/leading others in the workplace. 

This 4 day course has been developed to give managers and supervisors an understanding of everyone’s health & safety responsibilities in the workplace. It informs you of the knowledge, skills and understanding to influence, control and monitor risk to improve health and safety at work; complete competent risk assessments; and investigate accidents in the workplace without overloading the student in a rushed and overloading manner. 

What does the course include? 

The opportunity to give managers and supervisors an understanding of everyone’s safety and health responsibilities in the workplace. 

To enable managers and supervisors to recognise how they can influence, control and monitor risk to improve safety and health issues in the workplace. 

All the learning needed is included in this course, which takes you through a variety of modules culminating in the final exam and risk assessment project. 

Introducing IOSH Managing Safely 

Assessing risks 

Controlling risks 

Understanding your responsibilities 

Identifying hazards 

Investigating accidents and incidents 

Measuring performance IOSH Approved Training Provider.

We have delivered face to face training for many years through IOSH and other awarding bodies. We have COVID PPE and safety in place above the government guidance and we also provide all the PPE as part of the course. 

The certificate you will receive at the end of the course is the official IOSH Managing Safely certificate printed by IOSH and countersigned by us. 

The total price for this course is only £485.00 per person and will include the following: 

IOSH books, IOSH certificate on passing the assessment of competence, IOSH assessment and project, lunch, refreshments, COVID PPE, full course support, and no re-assessment fee if required. Our 4 days training will give plenty of time for you to underpin knowledge and complete practical risk assessments in an enjoyable classroom atmosphere with no added pressure as with some 3 day courses that some companies offer at a higher price. 

Clarian H&S gives 100% support throughout the duration of the course and after its completion. 


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