Focus on Business Issues

How is Your Focus?

Unsurprisingly, when we really focus, we achieve our goals. However, we just don’t focus on the big business issues enough. Therefore we don’t perform as well as we could, even though we know it’s our focus that’s ‘out of focus’.

A simple fix is to establish our goals, write them down and stay focused on achieving them.

Focus on Business Issues

With a 90-day plan, we encourage ourselves to focus daily on those goals. They don’t all have to be financial or even business goals, but my advice would be to put time in the diary.

Of course, the quality of the planning needs to be at a level you can maintain. This will ensure you effectively review and focus on all the elements that drive the performance of your business.

Focus on Business Issues
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Be great every day and put time into your diary for the goals you have set for yourself. And, yes, that means doing this every day. Essentially, you then have 90 chances of focusing on the goals that you’ve set, and if you miss your time slot on a few occasions then you can catch up the next day.

Treat your time slot as if it were as important as a customer appointment. Respect that you need the time and focus to achieve your goals.

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Focus on Business Issues

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