Enquiry Conversion Rates

Enquiry Conversion Rates – What’s Your Number?

I can read your mind, and your answer to this next question will be a big fat ‘no’.

And the question… are you happy with your enquiry to sales conversion rate?

See, I knew it! And the reason is because we always want more. It’s probably one of the most unattractive human traits, but measuring performance against the ‘norm’, or even against our competitors, is important to us.

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So what are the normal industry conversion rates?

Well, from enquiry to customer, the conversion rates for the following sectors are as follows:

BioTech – 15%

Business & Industrial – 27%

Computer Software – 22%

Computers & Electronics – 23%

Finance Industry – 19%

(source Hubspot)

It’s important to understand that these rates come from the raw enquiry to the customer and are pre-qualification rates, but they are still extremely low.

Enquiry Conversion Rates

I’d love to hear what your rates are… ⬇️

If you’d like to know more about improving your company’s conversion rates, then please drop me a message or an email.

???? design@josephcreative.co.uk

WORDS Joseph Reilly – Joseph Creative


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