servicing your boiler

Did you Know that Servicing Your Boiler is like Servicing a Car?

We sing and dance are about servicing your boiler. The only reason we shout about it is to save you money in the long run. 

Just like a car, when you have your boiler serviced we check the whole unit is working seamlessly. This is to ensure maximum efficiency, which is vital during the winter months. Breakdowns usually occur when a service hasn’t taken place and an element has worn down. This leaves you without heating or hot water, or sometimes both. 

We frequently hear that people don’t service their boilers when they get too old. There seems no point, and the view is often ‘While it works, leave it be’. And also, as the boilers become older and older, parts for these relics often become impossible to find. 

Our boiler services start from £58, and we remind you when your service is due the following year. Get yours booked in today!

Times have changed dramatically with boiler installs, and the efficiency they provide is like nothing before. A boiler in 1980 cost the best part of £3000 (£5994 in today’s money), but we are proud to be able to say we can offer a brand new efficient boiler with 5 years’ warranty, fully fitted, from £1400.

Did you also know that the government run a scheme called The Energy Company Obligation? This helps households which meet certain criteria and have boilers that are over 10 years old and non-efficient. 

For more information please check out our website at www.sapphireheating.co.uk or call us 07392 940295.

servicing your boiler

Words from Sapphire Heating

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