5 Top Clothing Tips to Build Confidence for Men

We formed ‘For Men To Talk’ in December 2019. We felt then, and still do, that it’s time for a mental health revolution and to love yourself again. But a lot of cogs need to be aligned and working in the engine for that to happen. And one major cog is having the confidence in the clothing that we wear.

The clothing that we like to wear depends on our self-confidence, which is affected by body image. Many men are unsatisfied with their body and this dissatisfaction can cause low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. 

Lisa Talbot is an award winning personal and fashion stylist who believes that the clothes in our wardrobe should reflect our personality, lifestyle and body shape. She loves to help people develop their style and start dressing in a way that unleashes their real personality. 


Here are Lisa’s latest 5 clothing tips to help build confidence for men

1 Colour is a powerful tool to help us feel confident. Select a colour that makes your face appear light, bright and clear. Try a colour such as pastel pink or powder blue. Or if you love vibrant tones, then go for a cobalt blue, jade green or cerise pink.

2 A great pair of shoes is always a good item to invest in and they can really complete your outfit. Whether you prefer a white trainer or a brogue, a shoe will enhance your look.

3 A blazer will elevate your look and create a super sleek, well-polished appearance. You can incorporate it into a jeans, T-shirt and trainer look. Or, if you prefer, try a chino, shirt and loafers and then pop on the blazer.

4 Great grooming will always create confidence. Think clean-shaven, or a nicely trimmed beard, and great hair – all of these will make you feel great. Don’t forget to leave home without a splash of aftershave that suits your personality.

5 The perfect fitting jeans are a must for any man’s wardrobe. Whether you prefer skinny, slim or a wider leg, the right fit will create a lovely shape on the lower body. But please – no baggy bums!


If you feel lost with clothing and with what may look best on you, Lisa is available for a free, no obligation discovery call to see how she can help you.

Words by Luke Newman

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