Children Back Into School

Summer is here!

 (Okay, kinda!)

It is so lovely to enjoy the longer evenings and lighter mornings – for a boost in vitamin D from the sunshine and for the joy of being able to socialise and be with friends and families. Plenty of serotonin there for the taking.

How to tell if your child is experiencing anxiety in returning to school

This month has seen an increase in children who are really struggling to transition back into school. Many have experienced increased anxiety about going into school and staying in class. With the uncertainty that’s occurred over the last 18 months and the rules and regulations we now have to adhere to, it isn’t any wonder that our stress levels have increased. And this has therefore triggered behaviours that shut us down or flip our lid.

Children Back Into School

A change in behaviour is usually the first sign that things aren’t quite right. For example, you might see your child getting angry over small things that really shouldn’t matter or just shutting down and spending time in their bedroom. Or they may be completely engrossed in social media and computer games. These are signs that the brain is trying to find ways to switch off and shut down.

Behaviour responds to negative thoughts. This can be thinking negatively about the past and things that have happened that we can no longer change. It can also involve forecasting the future negatively, expecting to feel uncomfortable or anxious.

Once this happens, the primitive brain steps in. It thinks there’s a problem, so we respond with behaviour. This can be anxiety, anger or depression, or sometimes all three. Remember the corona-coaster? That was enough emotion for anyone to manage.

Children Back Into School
Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

Making a positive change

Solution-focused clinical hypnotherapy can really support children to get back into school. With hypnotherapy they have the chance to spend time learning about how the brain works in relation to how they feel. In addition, working together to look at what is going well can support the brain to transition naturally to the intellectual part.

Children Back Into School

Intellectual control is accessed by having a constant flow of serotonin. This can be supported by finding positive actions and interactions, and by thinking positive thoughts throughout the day. Once we access this part of the brain, this can help it find solutions to problems and, more importantly, come up with a proper assessment of the situation. This supports change.

Hummingbird Hypnotherapy based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, offers a free initial consultation both online and face-to-face. Available for children and adults who are struggling with their mental health.

You can download my free relaxation at www.hummingbirdhypnotherapy.co.uk

WORDS Nicole Woodcock

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