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5 Tips to Creating a Powerful Business Presence 

With the world getting back on track after the pandemic, there has never been a more significant time to solidify your marketing to ensure you have a powerful business presence. 

First, consider this. It is possible to do more with less and develop a powerful marketing campaign as impactful as it is cost-effective. So, to help you create a powerful business presence, we have put together five top tips to get you started.

Five top tips  

1.       Don’t underestimate what social media can do for your business

It’s a fantastic way to promote your marketing campaign. It helps strengthen relationships and increase credibility and brand loyalty with your target audience. However, to create a compelling social media presence, you must first identify and get to know your target audience. Everyone and their dog is on social media nowadays – which is excellent – but you need to be cautious. With that many people, there is bound to be a message or two that gets lost within the sea of users. 

This is why it’s handy to use the insight tools on each social media platform. They will tell you who is watching and how many people your posts reach. In addition, you get to know who your competitors are and can even place them in a separate ‘watch category’. For more on how you can use social media to help your business, take a look at one of our earlier blogs – Ten Step Plan To Social Media – by clicking here www.thelittlemarketingcompany.com/ten-step-plan-to-social-media/  

Business Presence

2.       Use technology to expand on your strengths. 

The fantastic thing about technology is its ability to connect people. With around five billion people using mobile devices, you can reach anyone, anywhere, all whilst you are on the go. By using technology to home in on what content your followers enjoy, you can keep them consistently interested in your work, encourage them to make sales and even refer you to friends and family. In addition, one of the most significant advantages to using technology in your marketing campaign is that it can help you decipher data insights which can uncover vital information about your campaign. Several tools are available to help with this, including Google Analytics and HubSpot Analytics.

3.       Stay consistent. 

Consistency is key, after all. A company blog is a great way to stay consistent. Your target audience and clients will know that on a set day you post, and that gives them something to look forward to. It also allows you to engage with your audience on a more intimate level. You give them the chance to have their say and empower them by including them. Remember that your content needs to be relevant to your business – it should ALWAYS be in line with the company’s core values. To deviate from this will only set the wrong impression and leave people questioning your authenticity and credibility. 

Business Presence

4.       Remember your existing clients. 

Sometimes it’s easy to run away with the concept that you need to generate more leads to convert into sales, which is fine. Still, one key thing to remember is NEVER to forget the customers you already have. It is also important to remember that your customers are a precious resource to your marketing. Whilst they are easier to sell to, they also generate new leads for you through referrals and word-of-mouth mentions. 

5.       Look back to look forward. 

You should review your marketing every quarter and do so in depth for the year before. Make detailed notes of what went well and what could have gone better. Did you pay enough attention to customers? If not, then how can you improve this? Did you achieve your sales quota? If so, how? By tracking everything you have an account of what works well enough to keep for future marketing, what is OK but needs improvement, and what isn’t working for your business. So remember always to use the hows and the whys. These will paint a clearer picture. 

If you want to know more about how to market your small business, then look at one of our earlier blogs, ‘Do You Know How To Market Your Small Business.’

If you decide that your marketing is not where it should be, perhaps business is a little slower than usual and you could do with some guidance to get it back on track, why not contact us today on 07935149625 or 01733 204359. Or email us at info@thelittlemarketingcompany.com.We look forward to helping you turn your marketing around. 

Do you have a powerful business presence? How has having a powerful online presence helped your business? Perhaps you are struggling to create a powerful business presence; maybe you need to consult with a professional to help you get back on track with your marketing. We would love to know what you think about our top tips.

Words by The Little Marketing Company

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