What's Hot in July
Courgettes are really easy to grow. Photo: Chris Strickland

What’s Hot in July

Each season brings something lovely to spot or to taste. Here’s our round-up this month.

Courgettes are really easy to grow

Wonderful courgettes
Courgettes are really easy to grow and with regular picking while they are small, you will ensure a long cropping period. If you don’t have lots of space, courgettes, marrows and summer squashes can be grown in bags or containers, but give them plenty of water as they mature.

Watch those tomatoes
Although easy to grow and very rewarding, tomatoes can suffer from a range of easily preventable problems at the time of ripening. Keep yours looking lovely and tasting their best by avoiding erratic watering and feeding them regularly to maintain high soil fertility. Special tomato fertilisers have high levels of potassium to encourage good fruit development. This month your tomatoes should be ready to harvest. Enjoy them simply with a drizzle of olive oil. Yum.

Last chance
This month, protect heavily-laden fruit trees against snapping under the weight. Use a stake or prop to keep them upright. If necessary, prune cherries straight after harvest. It’s also your last to sow French beans and runner beans.


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