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The 20 most Popular Dog Breeds of 2021 – Which One is Right for Your Family?

It comes as no surprise that UK families invested in furry friends to keep them company at home during the pandemic. According to BBC research, over 3 million UK households have bought a pet since the the Covid-19 lockdowns began. Yet many families are now re-considering, as working life finally resumes. Leading pet insurer petGuard has produced a new guide to help pet owners make the right choices of dog breed, noting characteristics like friendliness, grooming needs and intelligence.

Based on a fascinating report from the UK’s largest online pet marketplace, Pets4Homes, the guide examines the traits of the 20 most popular dog breeds of 2021.

Why planning ahead on choosing the right dog breed is important

According to petGuard, it is crucial to pick the right dog for household type and family circumstances before making a final decision. Smaller dogs are more likely to be suitable for houses with smaller gardens or flats, while larger dogs need homes with more spacious gardens. The guide explains which breeds are family friendly and adore small children, and which breeds are friendly towards strangers, or need extensive exercise.

Consider the amount of time available to look after the dog, as some breeds need a lot of grooming, or require quality time to avoid dog separation anxiety. This has become especially important as many employees return from furlough, or switch from home-working back to the office.

And while 7 million pet owners nationwide searched for a dog at the peak of the puppy boom in May 2020, a quarter admitted to doing hardly any research before buying a dog, according to The Kennel Club, and a fifth of those are now unsure whether their puppy suits their post lockdown lifestyle.

Intriguing insights on the most popular breeds

The guide provides some intriguing insights into the 20 most popular breeds, from family-friendly Cavapoos to playful Beagles, intensely energetic Hungarian Vizlas and fiercely loyal Rottweilers.

petGuard, as providers of specialist pet insurance for cats and dogs for over 37 years, want to stress the importance of choosing the right dog breed. As Alex Bennett, Head of Marketing, noted: “We are a nation of pet lovers so it’s no wonder that so many of us looked towards the company of a pet during lockdown. When it comes to buying a dog, it is vital to do the research before choosing your breed to ensure that their needs are aligned with your lifestyle, and that you enjoy years of companionship from your new family member.”

Based on the Pets4Homes research conducting in June 2021, the petGuard guide covers the key characteristics of the 20 most popular dog breeds.

You can explore the full article here: https://www.petguard.co.uk/most-popular-dog-breeds-uk

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