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Visitor Photography Exhibition on Display at Nene Park

To celebrate the wonderful monthly photography competition entries that Nene Park Trust received this year, a photography exhibition featuring a selection of our favourite photos is now on display in Ferry Meadows for all Park visitors to enjoy.

Throughout 2021, we ran monthly photography competitions with our visitors, to find 12 wonderful photos to feature in the Nene Park 2022 fundraising calendar. Each month had a different theme, encouraging visitors to think outside the box, search for seasonal nature and wildlife and visit the different areas of our beautiful Park.  

We were inundated with amazing photographs from our talented visitors, which inspired us to hold a second annual photography exhibition in the Park, to share the 12 winning photographs along with a selection of other favourite entries too.  The exhibition can be found in the heart of Ferry Meadows alongside the path by Overton Lake, between the Visitor Centre and Badger Play.

You can enjoy the winning entries all year round in the Nene Park 2022 fundraising calendar, which can be purchased for just £8.99 in the Visitor Centre & Gift Shop in Ferry Meadows and our online shop (www.nenepark.org.uk/shop/nene-park-calendar).  All proceeds from calendar sales go straight back into doing what we do best; nurturing and maintaining Nene Park.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the competitions this year. The photographs featured in the exhibition were taken by:

Julija Riabova, Corinne Hayes, Clare Ratcliffe, Tony Garratty, Charlotte Edwards, Emma Buxton, Paul Broom, Tony Martin, Holly Draper, Claire Ruffles, Susan Broccoli, Donna Samuels, Susie Bews, Ian Bradley, David Arthur, Matt Sludds, Robin Gray, Cara Wittish, Megan Seekings, Russell Coles, Steve Dytham, Richard Mortlock, Clare Barnett, Kirsty Kean, Valerie Lucile Bobis, Andy Dann, Richard Farrar, Claire Holden, Chris Atkinson, Philip Mackman, Jacob Cherry, Sam Blunt, Richard Ferris, Andy Jackson, Gina Crane, Martin Ward, Melissa Wilshere, Carl Radford, Cameron Silvester, Dawn Friend, Karen Aylin, Sonia Dunne, Mel Adam, Jackie Barker, June Vajda, Helena Harper, James Clapham, James Lampett, Cornelia Waymouth, Pauline Cheung and Alison Hawtin.

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