new networking group

The Business Connection Network

A new networking group is being launched with the aim of fostering a spirit of support and collaboration among business owners in the south Lincolnshire and Peterborough area.

The first Business Connection event will be held online on Friday, September 10, from 1pm and will follow a “tables” format where participants can choose to join video chats with small groups of just three other people at a time.

They can then choose to leave a table and move to the next at any time without feeling uncomfortable about excusing themselves from the conversation, meaning they can meet and talk to as many people as they want during the session.

It is hoped the format, which does away with the “pitch and be pitched at” element of networking will lead to participants having genuine conversations and building good relationships with other business owners.

As it is held online, it minimises the disruption to participants’ day and saves time and money travelling to a venue for a face-to-face event.

new networking group

About the Business Connection Network

The Business Connection is the latest project launched by former Spalding and Peterborough local newspaper journalist Tracey Sweetland, who now runs her own Red Shoes Marketing business providing website design, graphic design and content.

Tracey will be joined at the first event by co-host Sonya Wardell. 

Sonya, who is based in Thorney, near Peterborough, co-owns Chris’ Local Leaflet Distribution and Wardell Furniture Company and has recently launched her own business services company.

Tracey said: “As a small business owner it is vitally important to build a strong network of people around you who understand the challenges of running a business and who you can get support from, collaborate with and pass on referrals to help you grow your business.

“Some people are put off networking by the formal elements of pitching, which is why The Business Connection is all about having interesting conversations in an informal atmosphere.

“And, as the event is online, you don’t even have to leave your desk. We’re holding these events on a Friday afternoon, so it’s great way to end your week with a win.”

Tickets for the fortnightly events cost just £10 and can be booked online at https://www.thebusinessconnection.co.uk/tbc-events

The Business Connection, which also plans to hold business masterminds and training workshops, can also be found on Facebook @thebusinessconnectionnetwork


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