A stall with leaflets and information set out.

Local Food Bank Calls on Cambridge Community to Join the ‘Guarantee Our Essentials’ Campaign

Staff and volunteers of Cambridge City Food bank held a street stall to raise awareness of the Guarantee Our Essentials campaign, which calls on the UK government to make changes to the social security system so that everyone is able to afford basic essential items.

Located on Christ’s Pieces, the stall provided the opportunity for members of the public to speak with the Foodbank team about the desperate situation being faced by many in Cambridge. The Food bank team also invited people to sign the Guarantee Our Essentials petition and welcomed suggestions on what the public classify as essential items. Contributions on the interactive essentials board included fresh air, rent, access to entertainment like music or books, family activities, washing powder and heating.

One resident of Cambridge who attended the street stall said: “I do believe it’s wrong that people in Cambridge are going without the essentials, especially as we are in such a wealthy country.”

Kate McIntosh, Local Organiser at Cambridge City Foodbank, said: “Speaking with people passing by the stall really brought home just how much support for the Essentials Guarantee there is. When asked to take action, so many members of the public were enthusiastic about signing the petition. It’s clear to most people that the current situation is plainly wrong, and that the Essentials Guarantee is a common-sense solution that will help millions of people out of poverty.”

To sign the Guarantee Our Essentials petition, visit: Guarantee Our Essentials Campaign

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