Peterborough Celebrates Festival will be a stage to celebrate the city

A three-day community festival that brings together and celebrates everything that makes Peterborough great will launch over the weekend of 13th, 14th, and 15th May 2022, kickstarting the summer season in the city.

Peterborough Celebrates Festival, a free-to-attend community and family-focused festival at Ferry Meadows, will be a chance to celebrate, showcase, and bring together everything that is great about the city. It will also act as an opportunity to thank the many people who have helped us get through the last couple of extremely challenging years.

From grassroots community, music, food and drink, performances, theatre, crafts, arts and culture, and sports, there will be a packed, eclectic, and diverse schedule of activities and entertainment across the weekend at Ferry Meadows.

Matthew Bradbury, Chief Executive of Nene Park Trust, said, “Peterborough Celebrates Festival will provide a stage to celebrate everything that is great about Peterborough – showcasing the diverse range of talent across our community.

“The festival will create different areas of activity and attractions to create a feeling of celebration, exploration and difference. 

“There will be traditional music, performances and entertainment, alongside the opportunity to engage with street performers, arts and crafts, and try different food and drink. It will be a real community and family-friendly festival, providing something for everyone and the chance to experience and enjoy different things.

“We have many exciting plans and ideas, including performances, sporting challenges and possible world record attempts, and there will be more announcements in the coming weeks.”

The three-day event will start with a small launch event on the Friday evening, before focusing its main activities and performances on the Saturday. Further entertainment and the chances to try different activities will also take place on the Sunday.

The event has been developed in partnership between Nene Park Trust and Peterborough City Council, alongside community leaders, businesses, and supporters from across the city.

Cllr Steve Allen, deputy leader and cabinet member for housing, culture and communities for Peterborough City Council, added: “Peterborough is a fantastic, diverse and thriving place and this festival will bring all of this together for everyone to see and enjoy.

“The past two years have been incredibly difficult for everyone, but we can take great pride in the way our communities came together, stronger, to support those who needed help the most. 

“Peterborough Celebrates Festival will shine a light on the variety of talented people that have helped keep us together right across the city.”

Community organisations, groups and businesses are being asked to come forward if they feel they can support the event through exhibiting, sponsoring, or volunteering. 

For more information about the festival, please visit peterboroughcelebratesfestival.co.uk

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