Choosing Your Pet Food

Tips on Choosing Your Pet Food

Human/raw food can be difficult to ensure a nutritionally balanced and safe diet.

Typical tinned/wet food can be one of the most expensive ways of feeding your pet and whilst there are some good ones around, they don’t offer the amount of key benefits a premium complete food can.

Complete food is the best food for your pet but there are large variations in quality and nutrition, so always look at the ingredients.

What to look for:

  • Whole ingredients, listed by name with a clear statement of quantity (e.g. Salmon 24%)
  • A food that suits your pet’s age, life style and any known food intolerances. Dogs are one of the most diverse species on the planet and their needs vary greatly due to factors such as their breed, gender, age, weight and health. That’s why we have made it our mission that every pet can have a free nutritional consultation with a qualified Trophy Nutritional Adviser, to ensure you have the right food for your pet.
  • Natural Ingredients. Our recipes come with a wealth of key benefits and are optimised for natural nutrition.
  • Premium foods that are made in the UK. The Trophy range of foods are British made, ethically approved, nutritionally balanced, natural and competitively priced. We endeavour to source locally supporting British farmers, and the vast majority are from the UK, our priority is premium ingredients.
  • The most expensive food is not necessarily the best, always check the ingredients. Equally the cheapest food is not always the cheapest to feed. Always check the feeding rate and calculate a cost per day. Generally the cheaper the food, the more you have to feed at each meal.

Just ask Trophy Pet Foods for:

  • Free contactless home delivery
  • Free nutritional consultations and advice
  • Free samples to try
  • Quality British pet foods to suit your budget
  • Starter Packs


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