Support local businesses with My Tribe Treat Box

My Tribe Treat Box are advocates of supporting local businesses and encouraging others to shop locally too. To show why it’s so important to support local businesses we have chosen three local businesses that we use. We want to show our support for these excellent local businesses, and our appreciation of their services.

Support local businesses

Frosted Cakes by Em

First up we have, Frosted Cakes by Em.Emily is a local cake and cookie maker based in Soham, Cambridgeshire. We have been working with her to produce My Tribe cookies for our boxes. Emily has a fantastic work ethic, is always on the go and is full of innovative ideas.

Marshall Printers

We have been working with Bill and his team for a while now to produce stickers and stationery for our treat boxes. Bill is a local businessman based in Peterborough and has been established for 40 years. We are also working with the team to make exhibition stands for upcoming exhibitions.

Kay Carter Studios

We have recently worked with Kay on some fantastic products for our new festive boxes. Kay makes handmade coasters, soap dishes, vases and much more. She uses eco-friendly techniques to produce all her items and is super talented!

Ways you can support local businesses

  1. Most importantly, shop locally
  2. Give shout outs on social media. This can include sharing, liking, or commenting on a local business’ post
  3. Eat locally. Find restaurants or coffee shops local to you to host meetings or get togethers
  4. Leave reviews. There are many ways you can leave reviews now – social media, website and Google. In all ways they will attract more customers and help boost that local business
  5. Buy vouchers and gift cards. A wonderful way to introduce someone new to your favourite local shop is to buy them a gift card

My Tribe Treat Box advice

  1. My Tribe’s Lorraine advised: “There has been massive shift on employers wanting to really give thanks and show appreciation to their workforce during, what has been, such a difficult time. This is what a My Tribe Treat Box can do. It’s a great way to remind your team how awesome you think they are while encouraging them to take some time for themselves.” 

    Daughter Sophie also fully understands the importance of feeling appreciated and supported: “I was so excited when Mum and I started bouncing ideas off each other about these boxes. From personal experience I know it is hard to unwind when you’re struggling at work without support. This can then affect everything from your sleeping pattern, eating habits, general mood and how productive you are at work. So these boxes give you the starting items you need to take some time and rejuvenate.

    “Experiencing these challenges at home, often without a visible support network is also causing some people unnecessary stress, so receiving one of these boxes is a little pick me up. It’s always nice to know someone is thinking of you.”

    The boxes are hand-packed by the team using as many eco-friendly and vegan products, which have been sourced from sustainable local businesses, as possible. Contents include aromatherapy products, candles, snacks and more.


For your festive box use code use:


FESTIVE10 to receive 10% of your first order.

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