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A New Partnership Helps Students Protect Their Bicycles from Theft and Damage

As university campuses get busy again at the start of the new academic year after 12 months of online lectures, a new partnership announced between Endsleigh and bicycle insurer cycleGuard will help students to protect their bikes for less.

The new scheme, announced this week, offers Endsleigh’s student policyholders a 15% discount on their bicycle cover, and with over 20 years’ experience in the sector, cycleGuard offers students the ideal protection, whether they are cycling as a cheaper mode of transport or as a hobby.

Theft among students

Crime in highly populated student areas is common, especially now all students have moved back to campus after the pandemic. Although, bicycle theft is only equal to around 2% of all police recorded crime, it cannot be ignored. Recent research has shown, Cambridge and Oxford are the two cities, outside of London, where bicycle theft is the most common. This suggests bicycle theft is more likely to happen in heavily student populated cities, due to being the main mode of transport for many students.

The team at cycleGuard have pooled their years of experience to come up with four ways that students can protect their bicycles:

1. Personalising, marking, or tagging your property

If your bicycle is distinguishable from others, it makes it easier to recognise. There are plenty of simple property marking kits on the market that mean you can add a postcode or personal information by etching or with a UV pen to help you reclaim your bicycle if it is recovered.

2. Be Aware

Be aware of where you are leaving your bicycle and assess the safety. For example, your bike is less likely to get stolen in busy areas, as it is more noticeable to the public. Use a bike rack that is cemented to the ground in public areas. Most modern campuses have good secure bike storage for students to use.

3. Insure your belongings

Insurance companies like cycleGuard can cover your bicycle against theft and accidental damage on a new-for-old basis, even including cycle rescue and replacement bike hire.

4. Make sure to lock up

This may sound obvious, but if you lock your bicycle to a secure bike rack or better still keep it out of sight in a secure garage, it is less likely to get stolen. There are plenty of excellent bike locks available online and in stores. And if you keep it in your flat or student room, lock the door even if you’re only going to the kitchen – better safe than sorry!

Ensuring students have a warm welcome back

Head of Marketing at cycleGuard, Alex Bennett said “We are delighted to see students back on campus after such a difficult academic year. Our new partnership with Endsleigh is designed specifically to give students the best possible protection for their bicycles and ensure their peace of mind on campus.”

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