Wardley's Hair Tanning and Beauty Salon

Beauty salon in Whittlesey, Peterborough - hairdressing, barbers, beauty & nail treatments sunbeds and aesthetics.


Cuts - Wash Cut & Dry, Restyle, Wet Cut, Little Ladies Cuts

Styling - Wash & Blow-dry, Bouncy Blowdry, Shampoo & Set, Hair Ups, Perming

Colouring - Root Retouch, Full Head Colour, T-Section, Half Head Foils, Full Head Foils, Back To Back Foils, Toning,
Creative Colouring

Cuts - Wash Cut &Style, Clipper Cut, Skinfade, Scissor Cut, Mini Men's Cuts

Other Treatments - Beard Trim, Brow Wax, Chest or Back Wax


Facials, Brows and Lashes, Nails, Hands and Feet, Waxing

Ice Globe Facial - Our ice globe facial provide benefits of cold/ice therapy also known as cryotherapy. In fact, cold therapy has a wide range of applications and is a great tool for de-puffing, stimulating blood circulation, reducing redness, soothing inflammation, as a calming acne treatment, firming skin, reducing pore size and fine lines, brightening the complexion, de-stress and much more.

Body Sculpting Clinic 

We offer many advanced treatments in our Body Sculpting Clinic including:

Liquid Lipo - This is a fat-burning gel that is applied and absorbed directly into the skin. It forces the fat into the bloodstream which is then broken down naturally and when you drink your water it flushes the fat from your body.

Melanin Carota -5% Hyaluronic Acid- hydra osmosis & rewind day and night creams

Aqualux Fat Dissolving - Non-Invasive Body-Contouring - Those annoying small pockets of fat under your chin, around your thighs, on your tummy or under your bra strap can now be reduced without surgery –  thanks to revolutionary fat-dissolving injections.

Cavitation - Helps reduce and removes cellulite - Allows you to contour your body - Pain free with no downtime -Target specific areas - Quick and effective results - See results after just one session -course of eight £700.00

Laser liposuction - Why go under the knife to remove stubborn fat when there are non-surgical options giving the same results? Laser Lipo is a clinically proven alternative to liposuction, banishing stubborn fat for good. The non-invasive fat reduction treatment breaks down fat cells and cellulite and tightens the skin. How? By using radiofrequency and ultrasound waves, laser lipo gives you inch-loss whilst improving general skin laxity.


Stand Up and Lay Down—fast Tanning Tubes With Collagen Bulbs. We also offer a Wide Range Of Tanning Creams. The maximum time to be spent on the sunbed is 12 minutes per session. Block booking of session available.

For more information about any of our treatments, please visit Wardley's Hair Tanning and Beauty website or give us a ring.

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