That Handyman

You know those small jobs that builders are not interested in doing because they don't make a mint or those niggly little jobs that never get done because you may not have either the skills, tools or time. Well, those are the sort of jobs that I can help you with. I do not charge a call-out fee.


Lawns cut, small tree surgery.

Fencing - repaired, replaced or installed, panelling, feather board and palisade, gates repaired, replaced or installed

Decking installed and maintained, patios cleaned and re-sanded

Sheds repaired and roofs re-felted, rubbish, get that messy garden cleared of rubbish, water butts installed, gutters cleaned


Leaking taps and pipes sorted,

Washing machines, dishwashers and taps installed,

Sinks, toilets and bathrooms fitted,

Waste pipes unblocked.


Get those wobbly shelves sorted, doors fitted/hung/adjusted to fit/work properly, locks and door furniture fitted, kitchen & bedroom units repairs, adjusted and fitted.


Replacement of light fittings, switches and power sockets to an existing position.


Laminate and wood flooring fitting,

Painting and decorating,


Tiling of walls, floors and tiles replaced

Unfinished DIY projects you just not got the time to do.

Why not let me have a look?

Flatpack furniture. Do you find it frustrating? Can't you find that Allen Key! Let me assemble and install where required.

Pictures and mirrors hung, blinds, curtain rails and poles fitted,

Lofts/attics insulated and boarded, loft ladders installed.

No call out charge.

To get in touch with That Handyman, visit our website or call 01733 235380 or 07504 205007

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