Pure Tranquility and Ibuumerang evolved through my passion for helping people. I am Esther, and when I was a student, I struggled with anxiety and found reflexology very helpful. My clients find great relief through my various treatments - Reflexology, Sports massage, Swedish body massage, Pregnancy massage and Indian Head massage.

Anxiety is a big part of life these days with the global pandemic adding extra strain on us all. Feeling relaxed and taking care of yourself is very important to me.

How I Help My Clients

  • I help my clients by listening to their issues and addressing those issues. If they have a tight muscle, they will need a sports massage.
  • Suppose they have a very stressful job or home-based business. In that case, my clients feel very relaxed and rejuvenated after a Swedish body massage.
  • I use Neals Yard remedies and make some different oils specifically for the issue my clients may have.
  • I give clients information tailored to them such as specific stretches they may need
  • With some of my sports clients, I help them progress further into the things they do to strengthen specific muscle groups. It is all about alignment.
  • I have also referred clients to Physio's, Chiropractors.
  • I guide them to the places for exercise that will suit them best, keeping in mind their busy lifestyles.

Wearable Mood Enhancers

I am delighted to announce that I now offer mood-enhancing technology that is wearable. Choose your mood, Relaxed, Energised, or Purify.

RELAX - Fresh lavender scent -for sleeping, calming & stress relief

LEMON - Purify - Fresh scent for clarity, Concentration & Nausea relief (safe for pregnant woman)

EUCALYPTUS - energise - Fresh Eucalyptus Scent for Power, Energy & Congestion Relief.

Reviews for Pure Tranquility and Ibuumerang

'I cannot recommend Esther enough! Her treatment room is a beautiful & relaxing space but most importantly, her massage therapy is AMAZING! I always leave feeling so relaxed, she literally removes all the tension from my body! My back has never felt so good! Thank you.' JY

'I had a lovely deep tissue massage today, it has relieved so much tension and my headache has disappeared. Esther is both friendly and professional and really knows her stuff! Can’t wait for my next treatment.' NF

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