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Breathing life and passion into leaders, managers and their teams.

Many managers and leaders fall into their roles accidentally.
It can feel overwhelming. You feel like a rabbit in headlights with employees and others looking to you for answers.
Your family often tell you that you’re not listening, and you feel wrapped up in work. It’s affecting your sleep and your concentration.

You just want calm and not feeling as if you’re sticking plaster over everything.

How can The People Mentor help?

Well, that can all change with mentoring sessions with me.

I understand the sense of overwhelm and not knowing which way to turn.
I know the feeling of doing long hours to cope.

You just want the panic and uncertainty to disappear when dealing with work colleagues. You want to stop putting a mask on.
And if it continues you could end up ill!

It can change by having me by your side. Mentoring gives you a safe place to unburden and explore issues and find your answers. I’ve spent years mentoring Managers and Leaders with work and people situations in a fast-paced environment.

Work with me, delving deep to make the difference you need.
Let’s take the pressure off at work and at home.

The bonus is, that across the month I am available if you want to quickly explore a situation or issue by telephone or zoom, in between sessions.

Start to see your teams and employees go the extra mile for you. Watch performance increase too.

Increase your confidence, gain tools and your passion back.
Knowing how difficult it is to have these conversations during working hours, I have slots outside of the 9 am – 5 pm times.

Get in touch to find out exactly how I can help.

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