For Men To Talk gives men suffering with anxiety, depression and grief a chance to talk with other fellow sufferers.

Many men feel like support services aren't for them, or that seeking help might be seen as a sign of weakness. 'For Men To Talk' want to change that.

The group sessions allow an 'open door' for a group for men to come together and be with other men who feel the same.

The sessions are for men who have yet to receive counselling if men feel that could be their next step. It is also for those who have already had counselling, which has stopped and are looking for somewhere to talk about their mental health informally.

The meetings are informal with no experts on hand, just information and contact numbers for professional groups, so that men feel relaxed, without any added pressure.

The 'For Men To Talk' website points to mental health, and has a page dedicated to raising awareness of male cancers.


As a mark of confidentiality, the following testimonials have been given by attendees of the 'For Men To Talk' group meetings, but will remain anonymous.

"I've met some great people and I have made new friends for life."

"It was so great to be able to talk and listen to others who have struggles as well."

"Had a great chat which helped after a couple of bad days."

"It's what so many men need."

"The group is so natural. It's not forced or scripted. I really look forward to attending every week."

"The group provides a great opportunity for people to help and support each other."

"It allows me to have an outlet to talk to others openly who have experienced similar things. Knowing I am not alone has helped tremendously. It also gives me something to look forward every week."

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