Enlivened - Empowering businesswomen who have endured controlling, coercive, abusive personal relationships to take back control of their lives & thrive.

  • 1 in 4 women, will be affected by domestic violence during their adult lives.
  • In the past 12 months over, 500,000 working women in the UK experienced domestic violence and abuse.

Support & Coaching

Enlivened Circle is our monthly support meeting for businesswomen - Women who are survivors of past or current, difficult, toxic, abusive relationships, or who grew up in an abusive home. It is also for businesswomen supporting friends, family members or colleagues living with the effects, of domestic violence and abuse.

Enlivened Circle is a safe, confidential place for businesswomen to share, gain and give support. Learn more about the cycle of abuse, coping strategies, and signposting to support agencies if required. Facilitating them to feel valued, regain control of their lives & go on to live the happy, fulfilled, successful lives they seek.

We also provide one to one coaching for those who would prefer this approach.

Due to the sensitive nature of this work, we provide details on request. Please email or call 0333 772 1802 to find out more.


We raise awareness of the financial and personal impact of domestic violence on businesses via training and coaching.

  • The direct cost of domestic abuse on businesses and organisations is an estimated £14 billion per year
  • 75% of people experiencing domestic abuse will be targeted at their workplace because the abuser knows they will be there.

Working together, we help businesses to be mindful of the signs of domestic violence and abuse. We help businesses to support their employees more effectively. This improves staff retention, presenteeism, absenteeism and reduces employment costs.

Networking for Businesswomen

We empower working women by providing a supportive community via our women's networking events where they can meet and socialise with like-minded women. Pink and fluffy, we are not. However, focusing on 'soft power', our events are designed to encourage friendship, collaboration, personal development, and fun.

Our first event for 2021 was our businesswomen's monthly book club. Our book club is a place where businesswomen can read, review and debate books aimed at them. By default, women are not men; women have different needs, interests and hormones which make them think, act, and respond differently. Many women are just as ambitious and successful as men. They just come at things a different way and our book choices will reflect this.

Please take a look at our website for more events.

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