At Connect Business Networking, you will have the opportunity to meet new business contacts, leads, clients, suppliers and customers; and promote your services and products.

It will allow you to meet owners and decision-makers from other businesses; gain knowledge and expertise from one another whilst exchanging business leads and referrals.

Business networking can provide a lifeline of support and business generation; and is a powerful, cost-effective way of growing your business.

All About Connect Business Networking

Tracey and Jason Yearwood set up Connect Business Networking in 2017. As business owners themselves, they knew the importance of networking events for business owners and how good quality networking events could help a business grow.

After seven years of running networking events in Peterborough through a franchise company, Tracey and Jason decided that they were ready to set up their own networking group in Peterborough.

'There are lots of other networking events out there, but Connect Business Networking is different - and it needed to be to stand out from the crowd.

We built our networking on all the good bits of networking events and networking groups. For example, lockout, which means the minute a member joins the group their sector is locked out within the group.'

Our Members

'What really makes us different from other networking groups in Peterborough is our members. We run our networking meetings with a formal layout, but we do it in a friendly, engaging and informal way. This has resulted in a group of business owners and people in business who attend our events that are friendly, engaging and approachable. 

Our members want to help each other. They want to celebrate other members' successes and are willing and able to refer each other into their own clients, contacts, and friends.

Everyone goes networking for a different reason, but at Connect Business Networking, we are a referral networking group that offers you potential clients and suppliers, training, brilliant social events, and friendship.'

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